Texas HD 8 Candidates Differ on Immigration

By Michael Maresh — Palestine Herald Press

October 20, 2018

A U.S. Army veteran and a farm real estate broker are competing for the House District 8 Texas state representative seat in the November 6 general election.

Democrat Wesley Ratcliff, 76, a U.S. Army veteran, operates an East Texas ranch; Republican Cody Harris, 35, works as a real estate broker.

Ratcliff, of Freestone County, wants to lower taxes for the county by using funds from the state lottery to support local public schools.

Harris, 35, who moved to Palestine at the age of 7, said he wants to make sure House District 8, a rural community, has strong representation in the State House of Representatives.  He said he wants to increase state funding for education and protect local property rights.  Harris opposes a proposed high-speed rail project that would run between Dallas and Houston, as well as the use of eminent domain to complete the project.  Harris also wants more transparency for private property rights.

The third area Harris wants to tackle is securing the border.  The federal government, he said, has not done an adequate job.  “We need to pick up the ball to make our community safe,” he said.  “We need to stand up for rural rights.”

Ratcliff, a former mathematician, believes members of the Texas Legislature should apply logic when making decisions and not be ruled by emotion.  He said the State House needs to act on immigration, but opposes putting more federal agents at the border.  “We need to look at the immigration policy, but not by sending troops to the border.” Ratcliff said.  “We need fair laws.”

Ratcliff said local police should focus on local law enforcement — not enforcing federal immigration laws.

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