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"Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.."
George Washington

Republican Party of Navarro County Meetings

The Republican Party Of Navarro County will hold its next Executive Committee Meeting on Monday January 16, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the RPNC headquarters located at 111-B West Third Avenue in downtown Corsicana, about 1 1/2 blocks east of the Navarro County Courthouse.

Social begins at 6:30 pm, honoring our local elected officials.
All registered voters are welcome to attend.

RPNC Meeting Calendar 2017:
January 16
February 13 Reagan Day Dinner
April Conservative Round-up
May 8
August 14
September NAVPAC Fundraiser
October 8

Featured Articles

Women For Trump

Trump's Clear Message, Strong Finish, Connected With Followers -- Defies Odds To Become 45th President

By Tom Benning -- Dallas Morning News
In a convention-defying run for the White House, Donald Trump saved a virtuoso performance for last.

Polls gave him little chance to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. They were wrong. A Democratic firewall in the Midwest was said to be infallible. It burned down. Experts said the Republican's appeal to working-class whites wasn't enough in a diversifying country. They miscalculated.

Now, there's President-Elect Trump. How did it happen?

President-Elect Donald Trump and VP running mate Mike Pence announce victory

Hidden Trump Voters In Pennsylvania Made A Difference

By Rick Dandes -- Sunbury, Pennslvania Daily Item
The huge collective hidden vote of Trump supporters in Pennsylvania surprised almost all the groups taking polls before Tuesday's presidential election, which mistakenly had Hillary Clinton defeating Republican Donald Trump.

Lt. Col. Allen West Addresses Crowd at Cook Center

Allen West Addresses Crowd at Cook Education Center

By Jennifer Miller - Corsicana Daily Sun
Its not every day a decorated Lt. Col., former U.S. Congressman, former Presidential Candidate, and author comes to Corsicana.

But Thursday night, Lt. Col. Allen West addressed over 200 local guests inside the Cook Education Center.

This election is not about a Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton its about something so much more important ... , West said in his opening remarks. In his address on the differences between liberty and tyranny, West reminded guests of the following:

A free people are not equal, and an equal people are not free, he said.

Navarro County Republican Women

The next meeting of the Navarro County Republican Women will be:
Tuesday, January 24, 2017 from 11:30am - 1:00pm at the Republican Headquarters, located at 111-B West 3rd Avenue, in downtown Corsicana. Social time and lunch begins at 11:30am, with the meeting and program to begin promptly at noon.

George Soros Owns Voting British Voting Machine Company

October 20, 2016
There is a full scale assault on our democracy from the dark side.

The liberal billionaire George Soros, who has been tied to a globalist elite pushing the Muslim migrant crisis and multiculturalism onto Western societies, comes up a lot in private discussions between top Hillary Clinton campaign officials.

A search by American Lookout showed Soros has been mentioned at least 56 times throughout the 11 batches of emails put out by Wikileaks which show collusion between elites, the mainstream media and the Hillary campaign.

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