African Americans

Blacks and Texas Politics
Did you know?

Since Republicans became the statewide majority in 1994, eight minority Texans have held statewide office; yet in the 122 years that the Democrats controlled the State (1872-1994), only four minority Texans held statewide office.

The Texas Republican Party was formed on July 4, 1867, in Houston by 150 black and 20 white Texans.

Two of the first three statewide leaders of the Republican Party of Texas were black.

The first 42 blacks elected to the Texas Legislature were Republicans.

When the Republicans became the majority in the Texas Legislature in 1869, they established a system of free public schools to educate all the children of the State -- something Democrats had refused to do.

The first faith-based program was proposed in the 1870's by black Republican Senator Matthew Gaines.

When Democrats recaptured Texas government in 1872, Democrat Governor Richard Coke's election was described as "the restoration of white supremacy."

President George W. Bush was the first president to appoint a black as Secretary of State (Colin Powell). He also appointede blacks as National Security Advisor (Condoleeza Rice), Sevcretary of Education (Rod Paige), and Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Alphonso Jackson). In his second term, he appointed the second black Secretary of State (Condoleeza Rice).

With new programs established by President Bush, blacks' home ownership is at an all-time high.

Of the 5 blacks whom have ever been U.S. Senators, 3 were Republicans.

The 13th Amendment abolished slavery passed by Congress with the support of 100% of Republican members but with only 23% of the Democrat members.

When the 14th and 15th Amendments extending civil rights and voting rights to blcks passed, not even one Democrat in Congress voted for these amendments.

Equal opportunity is a right and privilege. Texans should be able to start a business, run for office, or chase a dream, without the threat that government will punish success. Black Republicans are sucessful leaders in their communities and in Texas politics. The Republican Party of Texas is the political party that can best help all citizens achieve their hopes and dreams.

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 Happy Juneteenth!

A message from the Texas Federation for Republican Outreach
Today is June 19th, also known here in Texas as Juneteenth. On this day, we’re reminded of a very important event in the history of Texas and the United States.
In 1854, the National Republican Party was formed to abolish slavery. And though in 1860 the nation elected Abraham Lincoln as its first Republican President, a lot more work would need to be done before former slaves would enjoy full citizenship.

So on January 1, 1863, President Lincoln signed an historic document--The Emancipation Proclamation. However, the news of freedom didn’t reach Texas until Army Maj. General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston in 1865 where on June 19,1865, 149 years ago today, he read General Order Number 3 which included these 4 words: “All Slaves are Free.”

General Granger’s words were based on the principle embedded in our Declaration of Independence, “That All Men Are Created Equal.” Still, more work would have to be done before former slaves could achieve the American Dream.

So, Republican Members of Congress authored and passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution, formerly abolishing slavery, granting full citizenship, and establishing the right to vote for former slaves.

Then on July 4, 1867, 125 African American men and 20 Anglos met in Houston at the first Republican State Convention. And a Galvestonian named Norris Wright Cuney, an African American, rose up to be elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Happy Juneteenth!

Bill Calhoun, Chairman
Texas Federation for Republican Outreach

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