Vote in the 2018 Republican Primary Election and Attend Your Precinct Convention

March 10, 2018
The Republican Party Of Navarro County desires conservatives to have a voice in their government. The purpose of the Precinct Convention is to elect delegates and alternates to the County Convention held March 24 and propose resolutions for the County Convention to consider. County Chair Chris Baldwin has determined the Republican Precinct Conventions will be held Saturday March 10, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. at Republican Headquarters, 111-B West Third Avenue in downtown Corsicana.

Consider becoming a Delegate or Alternate to the County Convention

If you do not know which precinct you reside, check your Voter Registration Card or contact the Navarro County Elections Administration Office.

The current Precinct Chairs are listed under the "Your GOP" tab on this website.

The Precinct Chair (or in their absence, any registered Republican voter from the precinct) may convene the Convention. Eligible participants are those who voted in the Republican Primary (early or on Election Day) or affiliated with the Republican Party and reside in that precinct. There is no minimum number of people who must be present to hold a precinct convention. If you are the only person present, you can still hold the precinct convention of one. A precinct convention packet will be available at Headquarters.

There will be a maximum number of County Convention delegates & alternates from each precinct, based upon the 2014 gubernatorial election voter turn-out. If voters desire to be nominated as Delegates / Alternates to the County Convention or State Convention, and cannot attend the Precinct Convention, they must complete the application (click on link at bottom of page) before the Precinct Convention begins, to be given to the Precinct Chair are listed under the "Your GOP" tab on this website. If your Precinct does not have a Precinct Chair, then give it to County Chair Chris Baldwin, whom will forward it to the person leading the Precinct Convention.

Republican Headquarters Sign
Republican Headquarters
'Victor' the Texas Flag Elephant
'Victor' the Texas Flag Elephant

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