Republicans Host 2018 Primary Run-Off Candidate Forum

2018 Primary Run-Off Candidate Forum
2018 Primary Run-Off Candidate Forum
By Mark Archibald - Corsicana Daily Sun
Candidates seeking the Republican nomination to represent Texas's Sixth Congressional District and Precinct 2 Navarro County Commissioner's position, took questions from the audience at a candidate forum Tuesday April 10, 2018 at Republican Headquarters in downtown Corsicana.

The forum was hosted by the Republican Party of Navarro County, and was jointly sponsored by the Navarro County Conservatives, and the Conservative Society of Navarro County.

CD 6 candidates Ron Wright and Jake Ellzey each discussed the role of the federal government and why they are the best choice to represent the Sixth District.

An open seat for the first time since Joe Barton won election in 1984, has the two in a runoff to see which will carry the party's hopes of holding the reliably Republican seat in November's General Election.

Wright, who served as Congressman Barton's Chief of Staff for over a decade, said, "I understand the pitfalls of Washington and how to avoid them."

He told the crowd that he has the experience necessary to stand up and protect what makes this country great.

Wright indicated that if he was elected, he would not seek a leadership position, though he would join the Freedom Caucus, if he were asked.

Ellzey said he would not join any groups or caucuses. "Each time you join a group, you lose a little skin in the game. My life has been about service and the only people I'm interested in serving are the people of this district."

Each man opposes the use of Eminent Domain for private enterprise, and both are against the High Speed Rail which they agree would harm the district.

The topics of government waste and spending was also addressed.

Wright's top priority, if elected, would be to protect life and liberty, and reduce the National Debt. "We can't leave this debt to our grandchildren and great grandchildren, if we do it's criminal." he said.

Both men agreed that the Federal Government needed to be streamlined and that Congress should again assert its oversight role.

"We should evaluate government agencies and see if they are working," said Ellzey. "If they aren't then we should sunset them the way we do in Texas."

Both Wright and Ellzey agree that the Department of Education would be on the chopping block.

"It is time to clean house. Washington DC is top heavy," said Ellzey, who currently serves on the Texas Veterans Commission. He said one of his priorities would be to reorganize the Department of Veterans Affairs according to the needs of the customer."

Several people in the crowd expressed frustration with the perceived unwillingness of Republicans to support President Trump's agenda. Several wanted to know the candidates' views on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Trump, and whether or not they would support the rule of law and de-fund sanctuary cities.

Each candidate stated they supported President Trump's plans to secure the border and defended the rule of law. Wright said "Mueller's investigation had gone too far, and that it should conclude." Ellzey said, "Jeff Session's seems like a good man, but seems to be sleeping on the job."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from all matters having to do with the campaign and the investigation dealing with Russian meddling and possible collusion with the Trump 2016 election.

The two Republican candidates will face off in a runoff election May 22. Early voting will be May 14-18. The winner will face either Democrat Party candidates Jana Lynne Sanchez or Ruby Faye Woolridge in November. Woolridge and Sanchez are also engaged in a runoff themselves.

The two candidates for Precinct 2 Commissioner of Navarro County, Bob Carroll and Eddie Perry, continued the marathon to the runoff election. Each man introduced themselves to the crowd and discussed what experiences they've had that might prepare them for the job.

The topics were road maintenance and stretching limited resources in the budget process as well. Perry and Carroll said they would both be hands-on commissioners willing to work alongside their crews doing the job.

Each said they were ready to get to work and willing to serve the people of the county.

Carroll said he would "be a cheerleader and champion for the county," and "he's eager to work with the other commissioners."

Neither man wanted to speculate on how they would address Navarro County's budget at this point, saying they haven't had a chance to look at books.

Precinct 2 voters will make their choice on who will replace the retiring Dick Martin on May 22. Early voting is available May 14-18.

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