2018 Candidates Face-Off in Run-Off Forum

Bob Carroll and Eddie Perry at Chamber Of Commerce Form
Bob Carroll and Eddie Perry at Chamber Of Commerce Forum
By Mark Archibald - Corsicana Daily Sun
Candidates for Navarro County Precinct 2, Texas House District 8 and the Sixth District Congressional seat took questions at a forum sponsored by the Navarro County Chamber of Commerce Thursday evening May 10. The event was moderated by Dick Aldama.

Cody Harris and Thomas McNutt are both vying for the seat currently held by State Representative Byron Cook (R-Corsicana) who decided not to seek reelection..

Both McNutt and Harris used their opening statements to address what each consider false claims and negative campaigning, which has overshadowed many of the issues in the race. After the form, Harris said he didn't intend to go negative, but wanted to talk about the distortions of his positions.

"Given the format, the opening statement was the best time where I could do that," he said. "I am the candidate who is ingrained in this district, I want to be your rural representative."

McNutt fired back in front of the near-capacity crowd at the Corsicana Government Center.

"If you're happy with the way you are represented in Austin, I'm not your guy," McNutt said, "I am not the status quo."

McNutt and Harris will be holding campaign events throughout the district until the runoff Election Day on May 22. The runoff will hinge on which camp can get their supporters to the polls.

Congressional District Six Democratic candidates Jana Lynn Sanchez and Ruby Faye Woolridge joined Republican Jake Ellzey at the forum. Ellzey's opponent Ron Wright chose not to attend the event. Sanchez and Woolridge had a close Primary Election with neither woman receiving 50 percent of the vote March 6. The three candidates began describing which government agency or department they would curtail.

Ellzey said he would do away with the DSepartment of Education, while Woolridge got a positive reaction when she said she woulkd do away with the Internal Revenue Service. Sanchez said she would do away with reciprocity between the states as it relates to gun laws. The candidates all said that they were interested in serving the people in the district. Woolridge shared her thoughts on the High Speed Rail project which is planned to connect Dallas and Houston via a bullet train.

"I am for it," she said, "if the people of Navarro County and others are fairly compensated for any pain. I would like to get all parties together and have a dialogue. The High Speed Rail project is progress, much like the interstate highway system, which also had detractors."

During a prior Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposed bullet train January 29 in Corsicana, a number of candidates spoke against the project that evening including Ellzey. Sanchez provided a written statement citing her opposition to the project to the Corsicana Daily Sun the next day.

Precinct 2 Navarro County Commissioner candidates Bob Carroll and Eddie Perry also answered questions about their priorities if elected and any cuts they would support to the Navarro County budget. Perry said his top priority would be road maintenance, while Carroll stressed a balanced approach between the business of the County and fixing the roads.

"I would evaluate the County's expenditures and eliminate any waste we we might find," Perry said.

Carroll took it one step further.

If elected, I would be a cheerleader and promoter for economic growth in Navarro County," he said.

Early voting is May 14-18 in the Navarro County Annex Building, 601 North 13th Street in Corsicana. The final opportunity to vote for multiple races in the County and District will be Election Day, /May 22.

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