Ted Cruz Lauds Trump Administration’s Seven Major Victories

By Joshua Gill — The Daily Caller

June 7, 2018

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas praised the Trump administration Thursday June 7 for seven major victories he said it accomplished “for faith, for family — for the values that we share.”

Cruz made the remarks at the ‘2018 Road to Majority’ conference hosted by the Faith & Freedom Coalition.  He lauded the current presidential administration for making significant advances for the protection of religious liberty, individual rights concerning education and family, the defense of the unborn and foreign policy that reversed Obama-era deals.

“Let’s start with number one — judges,” Cruz said.  “Principled, constitutionalist judges.”

Cruz mentioned the Trump administration’s victory concerning the nation’s courts with the appointment of Justice Neil Gorsuch, as well as the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Colorado bakery case.

“The so-called Colorado civil rights commission demonstrated an antipathy, an animosity to faith that was visceral.” Cruz said.  The Supreme Court, however, ruled that “you cannot discriminate against religious faith,” Cruz said, instead of ruling they must be forced to violate their consciences.

“That is not narrow,” Cruz added.  “That is a bedrock principle of our First Amendment and of our nation.”

“A second victory concerns life,” Cruz continued, lauding the Trump administration’s “return of the Mexico City rules,” which prevented the U.S. from providing foreign aid to fund abortions in other countries.  Other facets of the administration’s victory for life, according to Cruz, include the new Health and Human Services rules preventing tax funding for health clinics that provide abortions, as well as the dismissal of the litigation against the Little Sisters of the Poor and the repeal of the “abhorrent so-called contraceptive mandate in Obamacare.”

“Here’s a really good rule of thumb,” Cruz said.  “If you’re litigating against nuns, you’ve probably done something wrong.  It’s a wonderfully reliable checklist.”

Ted Cruz sign “Tough As Texas”

The third victory for Cruz was the historic tax cut Congress passed in December, which he said provided more money for the majority of American citizens by “cutting taxes on small businesses, cutting taxes on farmers, cutting taxes on families.”

Cruz  then advocated for the implementation of a flat tax and declared Americans “should abolish the IRS.”

The Trump administration scored a fourth victory, according to Cruz, with the repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate.  He acknowledged, however, that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act was “the Republican P{arty’s biggest unkept promise” and urged the party to keep fighting for that outcome.

The final three victories Cruz said the Trump administration achieved for the nation and its values were the passage of “school choice” legislation, Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and Trump’s “right decision to withdraw from the disastrous Obama Iran nuclear deal.”

“Seven victories and more to come,” Cruz said in closing.

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