Republicans Rally To Get Out The Vote

By Mark Archibald — Corsicana Daily Sun

October 9, 2018

Ron Wright, Eric R. Meyers, and Cody Harris gave the public an opportunity to hear their candidate views at the GOP Rally at Headquarters downtown Corsicana.

Several of Navarro County’s elected officials thanked members of the Republican Party for their continued support and encouragement at a GOP rally Saturday in downtown Corsicana.  They also urged fellow Republicans to take friends and neighbors to the polls this Election Day.  Tuesday October 9 is the final day to register to vote before the November Election. Early voting in Navarro County begins October 22.

District Court Judge James Lagomarsino told the crowd that, as a teenager, he could remember being one of only a handful of Republicans in Navarro County.  “When I ran people asked me if I was going to run as a Republican,” he said. “I told them I would rather lose as a Republican than win as a Democrat.”

Precinct 3 Commissioner Eddie Moore implored those in attendance to go vote, and then take ten others with them to the polls on Election Day.

Republican candidate for Congress in the Sixth District, Ron Wright, joined Cody Harris at the event Saturday.  Harris is running for the Texas State House in District Eight, and will face Democrat, Wesley Ratcliff, November 6.  Both Wright and Harris told the crowd it was important to keep Navarro County red.  Ron Wright will face Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez this November and was upbeat about Republicans’ chances in Texas.

Ron Wright says he would work to secure the border, make the individual tax cuts permanent, and reduce the national debt.

The enthusiasm gap which had hindered Republican chances in the midterms, has narrowed in recent weeks.  The shift in the polls is due in part to Republican support for embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.  He was confirmed to serve on the Court by a margin of 50-48 Saturday afternoon. Kavanugh was later sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts at a private ceremony.  He was elevated from the DC. Court of Appeals replacing retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy for whom he clerked.  Kavanaugh joins Neil Gorsuch as Associate Justices on the Supreme Court who were appointed by President Trump.

“Our poll numbers continue to go up, as are Senator Cruz’s,” Wright said.  The former Tarrant County tax assessor said that he would work to secure the border make the individual tax cuts permanent and reduce the national debt.  “Whatever the media says about a blue wave, if it happens, you all are going to make sure it stops right here,” he said.

Harris and Wright each took questions from the crowd after their opening remarks.

Cody Harris, candidate for State Representative District 8 at GOP Rally.

Supporting local schools, bringing Texans real property tax relief, helping to secure the border, and protecting property rights are issues Harris said he intends to tackle if voters send him to Austin in January.

Along with barbecue, dozens of people picked up yard signs which are meant to show Navarro County’s support for Republican candidates.  “Those signs won’t do any good sitting in our office,” said Eric Meyers Navarro County Republican Chairman. “Get them up.”

Eric R. Meyers, Republican Party of Navarro County Chair, urged GOP Rally attendees to take an set-up yard signs.

Meyers said he was happy with Saturday’s event.  “It gave people another chance to hear from the candidates and gave the elected officials a chance to build a relationship with them.”
For more information about the Navarro County Republican Party or yard sign availability and cost please visit on the net.  The Navarro County Republican office is located at 111 W. Third Ave. Suite B in Corsicana.



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