RPNC Chair Eric R. Meyers Responds to State of the Union

Corsicana Daily Sun

February 8, 2019

Republican Party of Navarro County Chair Eric R. Meyers

I remain hopeful that the State of the Union Address will have a positive impact on both sides of the isle to secure a deal on border security.  The President’s address talked about the need to stop looking at issues as a Republican or a Democrat, but rather as a united front for the best interest of the United States of America.  Regardless, I strongly feel that we must strengthen our Southern Border for many reasons including curtailing the drug, money, and weapons flow from Cartels in Mexico, stopping the influx of “asylum” seeking immigrants from South America, to bolstering the blockade and intelligence from potential terrorists crossing an ever-porous border.

If the two chambers cannot reach a deal on this critical issue, then the use of an Emergency Declaration under the National Emergency Act would allow certain processes to take place to eliminate, mitigate for, respond to and recover from national emergencies, if so deemed by the Commander in Chief.  With that, Congress can then only undo this authorization with a veto-proof majority vote.

Personally, I would support this declaration within the limits of the objectives stated previously.  In addition, the United States must enlist the help of the Mexican Government to help stem the issues we face, even if this calls for humanitarian aid into Mexico to stop migrant flow through their country.

I believe in compromise.  I believe you must be able to see and accept certain issues, regardless of party affiliation.  Unfortunately, National Parties continue to move further away from each other, leaving independents in a void between the two.  Hard line stances rarely ever work in their entirety without causing a huge shift from the opposition in upcoming elections.  So what issues may be open for compromise?

Obviously, border security is one.  The Democratic Party supported this very issue for years.  So why has this changed now?  Simply because we have a President with an “R” instead of a “D”.  Both parties must look at what is best for this Country:  The United States of America.  We simply cannot allow the Cartels, mass caravans of individuals with no records, and vast areas of unprotected border to continue.  I think both sides can see this as an issue, even if they are not willing to admit it.  The political game being played is doing nothing but damage to the citizens of the United States.

Compromise on other issues will be much more difficult.  The socialist views by a growing majority of the democratic House simply cannot and will not work if we want to sustain economic growth in the U.S.   Also, we cannot allow politicians to villianize our Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military Forces, and the many other agencies who serve and protect us all, by constantly allowing targets to be placed on their backs.  The claims of the far left of constant victimization on minority groups and the push for over-the-top “politically correct” issues are another area I can see the Democrats needing to reign-in to have any chance with those who are simply being offensive.

On the GOP side, I do think there is room for compromise to eliminating mandates of the Affordable Healthcare Act by leaving in provisions covering pre-existing conditions.  Another key issue that I see compromise on is with the approximately 13 million illegal immigrants that are here in the United States.  While I do not agree with automatic immunity, those here who are willing to work, pay taxes, have no criminal records, and pay in to the systems often time utilized by those who are here illegally, should be allowed to have a work visa or a permanent visa.  By doing this, we can then undo several barriers for local, state, and federal governments in the way of collecting taxes, knowing exactly who is here, and to allow a period for those already here to begin the pathway towards being in the U.S. legally.  To clarify, I do not support immunity or an automatic path to full citizenship without going through the same process every other immigrant in the United States must pass through.

I applaud the President’s call for unity and bipartisanship.  The President’s statement that “Victory is not winning for our party.  Victory is winning for our country.” is spot on.  Some of the other key issues addressed that were were certainly appealing to me included his push to protect the unborn, with a push for Congress to pass legislation banning late-term abortions.

U.S. Immigration Policy, trade negotiations, re-building our U.S. military, statistics on the booming U.S. economy, and growth rates of employment among women, African-Americans, and Hispanics — this State of the Union for me was powerful, emotional, and a call for unity to everyone watching to make this Country exceptional in many ways.

The only thing I wish the President would have covered in his address is the need to continue improving education for our youth.  With shortages in the workforce pushing 600,000 alone, this would have been the perfect opportunity to push for technical skills training as well.

One disheartening takeaway from watching this address several times was the disdain on the faces of several Democrats, even during truly inspiring moments when you simply could not disagree.  It’s moments like these that prove some are unwilling to give an inch, regardless of what it means for our Country.

The President absolutely struck the right tone.  Our economy is booming, and the administration is doing everything in their power to strengthen National Security.  The American economy has created more than five million jobs since Trump took office.  And for the first time, there are more job openings in America than there are unemployed people.  Much of this success can be attributed to the Trump-backed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  In addition to sparking business investment and expansion by reducing corporate taxes, it also included a big tax cut for middle-class American families.

We must continue this path, not the one exhibited by the response of Stacey Abrams of the need for more unionization of workplaces, taxes, regulations, and an uncalled-for push to increase climate change regulations.  Abrams’ also called for “Fair Fight”, which many critics today are saying will increase voter fraud. making this far from “Fair” to U.S. Citizens.

I believe it is critical for the President to continue pushing hard for domestic economic issues over the next 10 months.  In addition, he will likely continue to double-down on his promises to secure the Southern Border, as well as focusing on the tremendous issues with drug trade from Mexican Cartels.  With so many economic indicators currently going well for the President, and unlikely policy movement between the Democratic House and Republican Senate, the President and Senate leaders should continue to push through appointments in key judicial spots and continue to work on confirmations for several key agencies that have yet to confirm administrators.  If the House is unwilling to work on compromises for 2019, the President will likely be the front runner in the 2020 election and the House will possibly come back to the middle or under Republican control, as Americans are simply tired of Congress not being in tune with what is really happening in the districts which they represent.

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