Required Notice – Notice of Address for Filing Applications

The following notice is for any Republican Candidates wishing to file for office with the Republican Party Of Navarro County.
Candidates wishing to file for office May do so between the hours of 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM with the County Chair at 814 S Main Street, Corsicana, TX between the dates of December 2nd and December 8th.
December 9th is the last day to file in person or by mail at 6:00 PM. We will be at the Republican Party Headquarters located at 111-B , West 3rd Ave., Corsicana, TX, this day from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM to accept applications. Mail will be checked at 6:00 PM on this date also. Mail in applications must be received on December 9th at 6:00 PM, not just postmarked.
Should you have any questions or wish to set an appointment, please call the County Chair, Eric R Meyers, at (903)-872-6571. You may also contact the Party Secretary, Steven Jessup, at (903) 872-6949.
Thank you and please help us KEEP NAVARRO COUNTY REPUBLICAN! #gop #navgop #txgop #keeptexasred #election2020 #txsos

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