Navarro County Republican Women Hold Candidate Forum

January 31, 2020

By Mark Archibald — Corsicana Daily Sun

The Navarro County Republican Women held a candidate forum along with their regular business meeting Tuesday January 28.  State and local candidates each made their case with little more than a month before the Texas Primary Election on March 3.

District Attorney Candidates Will Thompson and Will Dixon gave their pitches.

“I did the things I said he was going to do,” Dixon said of Governor Greg Abbott’s endorsement.  “Prosecutors wear the white hats, and must conduct themselves with respect.  I’m not going to be beholden to statistics,” he said, explaining his office is trying the cases that need to be tried.

Thompson said leadership is the most important skill to have in the District Attorney’s Office.  He pledged to prioritize and prosecute crimes committed against children and the elderly, crimes committed by habitual offenders, and drug dealers.  Thompson discussed the number of cases which have been dismissed since Dixon assumed the District Attorney role.

Sheriff’s candidate David Foreman said he believes in service and said that he only intends to replace one employee in the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office.  Foreman said that he would work on reducing the budget for the office.  He is running for Sheriff for the first time, and announced plans to retire as County Constable at the end of his term.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner was first elected in 2012.  Tanner thanked his wife for supporting him for nearly 31 years with the Department.  During his remarks, he touted his personal credentials and working relationships in Navarro and neighboring counties.  Tanner said he has worked to improve all aspects of the department during his tenure.  He cited Texas’ unfunded mandates, which are dictated by the state, as a reason for the jail’s budget increase.

Eddie Moore, County Commissioner Precinct 3, spoke briefly about his time on the Navarro County Commissioner’s Court.  Moore said he transferred his business mind to the commissioner’s role.  Moore also spoke about unfunded mandates.  “Every time Austin sneezes, we catch a cold,” he said.  Moore said he saved the county $ 110,000 in rent by relocating documents and county resources getting the county our of the renters business.  Moore is seeking a second term and will face Kevin Matthews in the Republican Primary Election.

Charles Paul is running against Roy Ivey for Constable Precinct 2.  Paul is a lifelong Navarro County resident who began his law enforcement career in Kerens.  He has been with the Sheriff’s Department for 21 years.

Mark Yancey is challenging Republican U.S. Senator John Cornyn for the Republican nomination to the United States Senate representing Texas.  Yancey said he is running because he believes “Texas has been absent one Senator for a decade.”

Yancey said he would prioritize passing term limits to eliminate corruption within Congress.  He added he sees Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as an ally in the effort, saying he would favor bringing the issue to the states if he were elected.

Yancey said he would abolish the Department of Education if elected.  “Students have better outcomes if their education is handling at the local level,” he said.

The Dallas investor called Obama Care the worst piece of legislation to ever come down in the history of our country.  He favors ending the program.  Yancey stopped short of saying he favored price controls for medicine and prescription drugs, but said hospitals and drug companies have gamed the system.  He said he would work to end their political protections.

Maria Berry is running for Texas State Board of Education , District 14, which consists of 21 counties including Navarro.  The former high school math, accounting, and business teacher introduced herself to the crowd.  She holds a Bachelors degree in mathematics and a Masters degree in Math Education, and is near completion of her PhD in Instructional Design.  Berry said she supports real education, facts and age appropriate standards for students in Texas schools.

Berry is facing an incumbent in the Republican Primary, if successful she will then face a Democratic opponent in the General Election.

The Texas Primary Election is March 3.  The last day to register to vote is February 3.

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