RPT Chairman West: Kamala Harris and Identity Politics

August 11, 2020

Here is what the mainstream media won’t tell you about Joe Biden’s selection of Kamala Harris as his running mate:

Kamala Harris wasn’t chosen because she is qualified.

She was chosen purely because she is a Black female who checked off all the boxes on the progressive socialist checklist.

The radical left demanded that Joe Biden choose a Black female for his VP running mate.  For them it’s about identity politics, not character.  The soft bigotry of low expectations emanating from the progressive socialist left is nauseating.  The white leftist mentality, that Blacks can be manipulated with such antics, is offensive and condescending.  Senator Kamala Harris has done nothing to resolve the issues facing the American Black community, or for that matter, Americans, period.

Instead of acting like a real leader, Biden obeyed the progressive puppet masters of the Democrat Party and chose a real far-left minority progressive who will no-doubt steer Biden further left.

This is what Kamala Harris really supports:

  • Extreme gun control
  • Abortion on demand (up until birth)
  • Opening our borders
  • Healthcare for illegal immigrants
  • Giving felons the right to vote
  • Getting rid of private health insurance
  • Eliminating the electoral college

Biden didn’t voluntarily make this choice.

In Texas, we do not want the failed economic policies of California — nor its far left progressive socialism — in the Lone Star State.  There’s a reason why people are fleeing California, and other failed blue states, for the growth, opportunity, and promise of Texas.

Biden and Kamala are well-funded, and they have targeted Texas.  We need real fighters to stand up for the future of our Republic, and keep far-left radicals like Biden and Kamala OUT.


Thank you and God Bless Texas

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)


Republican Party of Texas


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