Hispanics and Texas Republicans

Did you know?

Since Republicans became the statewide majority in 1994, eight minority Texans have held statewide office; yet in the 122 years that Democrats controlled the State (1872-1994), only four minority Texans held statewide office.

It took Democrats 114 years to elect a single Hispanic to statewide office. The Democrat establishment later tried to defeat him because he was too conservative.

Under Republican leadership, five Hispanics have held statewide office. Currently, Victor Carrillo serves as Chairman of Texas’ pwerful Railroad Commission, and Justice david Medina serves on the Texas Supreme Court. Others who have moved into even higher positions include Al Gonzales serving as President George W. Bush General Counsel and Tony Garza serving as Ambassador to Mexico.

When the Republicans gained the Texas Legislature in 1869, they established a system of free public schools to educate all the children of the State — something Democrats had refused to do.

In 1998, then Republican Governor George W. Bush created the Office of Border Initiatives, which facilitates trade and investment opportunities for Texas communities and companies along the border.

In 1999, then Republican Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry established the first ever standing Committee on Border Affairs to address needs along the Texas-Mexico border.

In 2001, Anglo Democrat men comprised only 20% of all Texas House members, but were named to 36% of all chairmanships by the Anglo Democrat Speaker. Hispanics were shortchanged because their support was taken for granted by the Democrat elite.

In 2003, however, Hispanics received an approximately 5% increase in chairmanships by the Republican Speaker of the House.

Currently, Governor Perry has appointed over 300 Hispanics to different state commissions.

Under the administration of Republican Governor Rick Perry, state agencies have invested more resources in the 32-county border region than under Democrat leaders at any time in history.

Equal opportunity is a right and privilege. Texans should be able to start a business, run for office, or chase a dream, without the threat that government will punish success. Hispanic Republicans are successful leaders in their communities and in Texas politics. The Republican Party of Texas is the political party that can best help all citizens achieve their hopes and dreams.

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